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Modern technology has made our lives much easier in many areas. The field of business is one of those that technology has affected the most. It is unlikely that the business that was 20 years ago will have anything similar to what it has now. Today’s digital tools have become part of the business system, which is nowhere to be found without. Board portals are one such innovation that will help increase your company’s productivity and improve the boardroom experience. In this article, we’ll talk about the leading board portal provider Ideals, and break down its features.

What is the Ideals boardroom portal?

iDeals Boardroom is a program that boards can rely on. It takes primary responsibility for many of the meeting management processes so board members can focus more on the issues in front of them, developing strategies and implementing ideas. The board portal allows you to improve your overall meeting preparation and focus on the issues at hand rather than managing the process. 

With iDeals, participants can keep track of existing issues so they don’t get lost and there is an opportunity to discuss them. The program generally has a positive impact on council workflow as it streamlines a lot of activities and makes it easier for council members to find common solutions if a disagreement arises. 

Main features of iDeals Boardroom

The iDeals boardroom portal is a cloud-based server space that is extremely easy to use, where all board members can manage their communications. The key benefits that the provider can offer you are:

  • Automatic distribution of materials before the meeting – make changes to your board if you have any updates to your schedule. All documents such as minutes and agendas can be uploaded to a public space where everyone can view them whenever and wherever they want. This reduces administrative work and allows more time to focus on meeting the needs of participants
  • The iDeals bulletin board portal offers a variety of collaboration tools – these features include messenger, for a confidential discussion of important issues, and voting. Directors can target polls and comments to manage approval processes. There’s also an annotation feature that can be compiled for themselves as well as for public review. The e-signature feature allows executives to sign documents even outside of meetings
  • iDeals provides a high-end level of security that provides strong protection against data leakage. These features include 256-bit encryption and dual authentication to protect against unauthorized access. Thus, users will also have to enter an additional one-time code in addition to their login and password. Administrators have the right to set permissions for different documents or projects and configure security policies
  • Monitoring features -You can monitor every action that takes place inside the space. You can monitor the progress of tasks and projects to ensure maximum transparency of your system.

Top pros and cons of iDeals board portal


  • Improved document management includes automatic uploading and indexing of any document format
  • Intuitive interface that’s easy to adapt to
  • A set of useful tools for comfortable remote collaboration
  • High-quality security and data leak protection
  • Responsive support team, ready to help you any day of the week and at any time
  • Method of pricing with maximum benefit to the user


  • It is difficult to download large amounts of files
  • Sometimes user invitation emails end up in your spam folder
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