Board Management Software Definition

Board meetings are time-consuming and labor-intensive, both in preparation and in the process. Board organizers need to complete many tasks in advance and make sure that all board members are informed, and they, in turn, need to prepare well in order for the meeting to be productive. Use modern solutions to simplify the boarding process – board portals. These tools are designed to make your meeting process more efficient and streamlined, and in this article, we’ll take a closer look at the concept of a board portal.

What is a board portal?

A board portal is a technology solution focused on streamlining your board process, it increases everyone’s productivity, and it automates many processes so that even the meeting process goes much faster. At first, the board portal was designed to allow directors to discuss important issues and create business strategies in a safe and improved way.

Now, however, the program can be used not just by business organizations, and not just by directors. The whiteboard portal has found use in industries ranging from nonprofit to medical and can be used when rank-and-file employees meet to share important documents, assign tasks, and track progress.

The main benefits of using the board software

Of course, each board portal provider is unique and provides different features, but below we’ve compiled a list of the most basic, or common board portal services that are present in the software and give companies valuable benefits:

  • Intuitive interface

Developers try to make the board space as simple as possible because they understand the busyness of board members. To keep you from spending too much time learning a new system, portals provide a fairly user-friendly display that is understandable to users of varying skill levels.

  • Manage Users

You can easily invite participants, and flexible access permission settings allow users to share sensitive documents in absolute safety and take part in voting. The space administrator can customize each participant’s access level.

  • Council Document Management

The portal supports virtually all file types, including presentations and spreadsheets. All materials are available to authorized users at any time and any place, regardless of the devices you use. The best vendors provide unlimited storage and unlimited downloadable documents.

  • Access to the right tools

Meeting planners can make good use of the space because it lets them easily manage agendas, notes, and documents, as well as minutes, polls, and other discussions.

  • Security

The board portals have the best security certifications, which indicate the program’s top-notch security. The spaces are completely private so that you can share files and discussions within them.

  • Task setting and control

With the goal-setting features, you can set automatic reminders as well as notifications of any changes within the program. This way, all participants are guaranteed to be aware of all events.

  • Prepared templates

You can create a new agenda, or you can use the ready-made templates available in the board portal. This will speed up the agenda creation process and make it much easier.

  • Voting

Voting allows you to take polls within the program outside of meeting time. You can prepare polls in advance and share them on the meeting agenda. This will also serve to better prepare others for the meeting. Voting can be anonymous if it is going to be about any sensitive issues, this will help avoid embarrassment and all leaders can respond as sincerely as possible.  You can also collect feedback and analyze it to get to know and improve your company.

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