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Managing a board of directors is a daunting task that requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work from executives, managers, and the secretary. It usually takes at least two weeks to prepare for a board of directors, but using the BoardMaps board portal you can greatly simplify your work and reduce the time to prepare for the meeting. The software was created to streamline your work processes and increase the overall productivity of your board team.

BoardMaps Board Room – main product features

BoardMaps is a unique boardroom space that was established back in 2011. The principle of the program is built on three main ideas, which include the main issues, meetings, and main tasks. Clients are given convenient sorting functions and the ability to share data securely, the ability to organize a quick and structured meeting in which users agree and archive their choices through a dynamic dialogue coordinated face-to-face or at a distance.

The directors then begin to discuss the actions worth taking to check the situation with already prepared and upcoming tasks. BoardMaps is a flexible and adaptable system for problem definition, meeting setup, discussion, and decision making. Companies that use BoardMaps as their meeting tool can create a truly productive meeting, as the software helps to leverage time and amplify their business impact.

Key Features of BoardMaps

BoardMaps focuses on the challenges of organizing and managing meetings and is by far one of the best board portals with this bias. It has many useful tools, but its interface remains simple and clean. While the software helps you deal with administrative issues, executives and board members can focus on making important decisions. So, the key benefits of BoardMaps are:

  • Efficient organization

Before a board meeting, the secretary should have an agenda, minutes and other materials needed for meetings, and invitations ready. It used to take a lot of time to prepare everything, but now with BoardMaps you can use templates to create agendas, manage invitations, and automatically create e-books that are accessible anytime and from any device. The program is also integrated with Skype to make your online conferences more efficient.

  • Document Management

The program can create meeting minutes and allows you to organize documents the way you want. Quickly upload all necessary materials to the space and set permissions for them, this will keep your data safe from leakage. The program automatically indexes your documents and supports many file types.

  • Collaboration features

During discussions, participants can take part in polls and votes, which can be either open or anonymous. You can also initiate new action items, set deadlines, and assign assistants and approvers to improve collaboration. In the space, you also have the ability to view statistics on completed actions and send automatic deadline reminders. Use encrypted chats to discuss important issues.

Pros and cons of BoardMaps software

To summarize, below we describe the main strengths and weaknesses of the BoardMaps provider.


  • The BoardMaps team helps employees get started with the software seamlessly
  • The system allows you to track every agenda item and decision, so you can focus on them separately
  • You can automatically generate meeting minutes based on our templates, which saves time
  • Meetings can be held through a web browser or mobile app
  • Customer service is available 24/7.


  • Determining all permission settings can be quite difficult
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